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IHA Management provides your practice with the greatest financial return through our services. We''re transparent, dependable and responsive to your needs. Our low fees, attention to detail, and quick claims submissions are what set us apart from other billing companies. We keep up with the constant changes in medical billing, providing efficient and accurate billing. Knowledge is what drives us and learning is what expands our expertise. We are accommodating to all needs and strive to make this process as professional, friendly and pleasant as possible for everyone involved. IHA Management specializes in electronic and paper billing. We can process all insurance claims through a nationally recognized clearing house. This gives us the flexibility to handle your specific needs, whether your office provides general care or offers a specialty. We are experienced, and trained in medical billing procedures, using state-of-the-art electronic claims processing. Staying abreast of all billing, coding and pertinent laws is what we pride ourselves .  We recognize the privacy standards regarding protected health information as mandated by HIPAA laws. IHA Management  exercise discretion in keeping your patients health information confidential. We will follow insurance guidelines for all appeals and pursue all avenues to receive payments. 

Our knowledge includes, but is not limited to:

Internal Medicine

General Surgery




Mental Health

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Just to name a few!

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