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Make your practice Successful with our Services


Our on boarding process is easy and simple.  In most cases we can have you up and running within 5-7 business days.  We communicate with you on every step of the way. A dedicated team will be assigned to your practice and you will have a dedicated account manager. Most billing companies will return your calls or email within 2-3 days. Our team answers your questions in real time. You can reach us via email, phone or a text. Consider us extension of your office. 

We create, scrub, and submit claims,

• Manage denials and rejections Rework and resubmit claims

• Print and mail or email patient statements

• Conduct follow up on unpaid balances

• Provide detailed reporting on your financial health

• Expediting reimbursements

• Reducing rejections and denials

• Tracking performance and productivity

• Measuring KPIs and finding practice revenue growth opportunities

• Troubleshooting the rules and bureaucracy of insurance reimbursements for you

• Applying our understanding of in-network & out-of-network billing strategies.

• Managing the critical appeal process to collect more reimbursements faster and at a lower cost to you.

• Powerful billing analytics showing productivity and performance on the financial health of your practice.


Consultation Services

  • Physician Credentialing
  • Evaluation of Billing Departments and front desk
  •  Evaluation of Staff members, job descriptions, etc.
  • Training. Re-educating new or established staff members
  • Work Flow Improvement
  • Workers Compensation and No Fault system intake
  • Review of encounter forms
  • Overseeing A/R reports, payor mix
  • Reimbursement evaluation by specific procedure codes
  •  New practice set up
  •  Cross training of staff
  • Negotiate reimbursement rates with insurance companies


Platform to increase practice revenue, decrease expense and improve reimbursement.

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